Veley Stained Glass

Restoration and Repair

Vancouver Ave. First Baptist Church

Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church, Portland, Oregon


The services offered by the studio include appraisals of existing windows, damage assessment, insurance claims, restoration,design, fabrication and onsite installation.
We specialize in all facets of custom church window decorative glass — from new window treatments to the restoration of existing stained glass and window repair. We also design and execute windows from faceted glass (dalle-de-verre), a technique used widely in Europe and now gaining popularity in the United States. This medium lends itself distinctly to modern church architecture by complementing wood, steel and concrete. Faceted glass windows are durable and require virtually no upkeep.

Professional expertise is assured in creating  windows harmonious with the interior design and archictecture of the church without compromising the iconographic content or the liturgical significance of the stained glass window.